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In the market for 37 years, Microsoft is considered the world's largest company in the IT industry, with operations in 105 countries. Currently it has several software options for a variety of segments, including Windows 10 and Office 2013 launches.

Microsoft started a new era to lead to corporate clients the benefits of cloud. THE modern business must trust your cloud provider one of its most valuable assets: their data. By investing in a cloud service, you must be confident that their customer data is safe and that the privacy of your data is protected and that you retain ownership and control over their data, and they will only be used in accordance your expectations. With Office 365, the Azure and other solutions on the Microsoft cloud, companies gain in economy, efficiency and safety.

Microsoft Competencies Microsoft now provides certification for competence, subdivided into: Gold Volume Licensing, Software Asset Management Gold, Silver Devices and Deployment, Silver Server Platform, Silver Identity and Access and Cloud Accelerate.