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Conventional Information Security Solutions

We have a deep knowledge of all popular information security tools, such as email and web filters, antiviruses, firewalls, etc. We are familiar with a large spectrum of products from dozens of vendors, we help clients to choose the optimal solutions based on their requirements to functionality and cost, and assist in integration of these solutions into the existing infrastructure.

Web and Email Protection

Softline offers solutions for blocking dangerous or undesirable web traffic from the world’s leading vendors.

Server, Workstation, Virtualization and Mobile Device Security

Endpoint protection tools, firewalls and antiviruses for workstations are the most popular information security products, and dedicated tools for protecting mobile access, virtual infrastructures and databases solve more specific tasks.

Network Protection

The tasks of intrusion detection and prevention are solved by firewalls, IDS/IPS and VPN solutions. Firewall management solutions enable the analysis and optimization of the sophisticated and sometimes contradictory settings and configurations issues that originate from a typically long history of a corporate network.